Vox Felina, Ink?

How many of you are willing to get a tattoo of the Vox Felina logo? Well, two San Francisco SPCA employees are.


As part of SF SPCA’s upcoming Be Mine Adopt-a-thon, Laura Gretch and Daniel Quagliozzi (both of whom I’m proud to call friends) are going head to head in a very unusual fundraising auction, as described on the SF SPCA website:

Two of our resident cat-tat employees, Laura Gretch and Daniel Quagliozzi, will be up for bid on eBay—or rather, their skin will be. The winning bidder for each will get to choose the next tattoo to grace Laura’s and Daniel’s bodies—forever! Bragging rights of who can raise the highest bids are at stake. Don’t miss this head-to-head challenge!

Now, I happen to know that both Laura and Daniel are fans of the VF logo and would wear it proudly. (As for exactly where, that’s another matter altogether—and their decision.) Interested in bidding? Laura’s auction can be found here; Daniel’s is here. (At last check, they’re neck and neck—hers at $162.50; his at $152.50.)

Bidding ends at noon PST Friday. For additional details, check out the SF SPCA website.


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