It Starts with One

Maybe it was that one shabby-looking tomcat you began feeding, and then had sterilized. It took more than two years, but now you can—during dinner, anyhow—pet him. Who knows? A couple months from now, he may be sprawled out on your favorite chair, his life as a street cat a distant memory.

Or maybe it was that impossibly small kitten you found. Along with his three siblings. And mother. Your baptism-by-fire introduction to TNR.

Then there’s the neighbor who “just wanted the cats gone.” The one who, thanks to your gentle persistence, now lets you feed on his property. And is the first to let you know when a new one shows up. And will be covering for you when you’re on vacation this summer.

The first cat. The first trapping night. The first neighborhood HOA or city council meeting. The first letter to the editor in defense of community cats.

It starts with one.

This is the premise behind FixNation’s ambitious The 1 Campaign. And I’m on board.

Regular readers will recall my November 2011 visit to FixNation—an extraordinary organization doing extraordinary work. And lots of it. Since opening its doors in July 2007, FixNation has sterilized and vaccinated more than 61,000 cats (not including the 16,000 or so brought in through its bimonthly Catnippers clinic).

But extraordinary work requires extraordinary support. Which is where we come in. The goal of The 1 Campaign is, as I say, ambitious: one million donors. Ambitious, but hardly impossible.

Again, it starts with one.

How You Can Help
I’ve created my own fundraising page (where, by the way, you can read about my “one”) with a goal of $1,000. (Just $1 from every Vox Felina Facebook fan would put us over the top!). Please donate if you can.

Feel free to create your own fundraising page, and ask others to do the same. Even if you’re unable to donate, you can still help by sharing with friends and family. For more on The 1 Campaign, check out the FixNation website.

And, as always, thank you for your support—and for all that you do for your community cats.


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