TNR Meets Graphic Design History

In 2001, the Amsterdam design studio Experimental Jetset created a T-shirt that soon made its way into design history books. Even more surprising, according to its creators: the T-shirt’s “dry, minimal design… has become a format, a standard, for other people to work with.” Intrigued—and probably more than a little flattered—the team at Experimental Jetset even compiled an online collection of the wide-ranging designs inspired by their project.

A key reason for the design’s success is its ability to act as a stylish, machine-washable secret handshake. “If you get the reference,” explained How magazine in 2012, “you and the T-shirt wearer are automatically cool with each other.”

So how many people will get the reference in this particular case? I have no idea.

One way to find out: get a T-shirt (or tank top, tote bag, or any number of other products now available in Vox Felina’s Society6 online shop) for yourself and see how people respond. Then, leave me a comment on this post.

National Feral Cat Day 2014

National Feral Cat Day is just around the corner—October 16th. This year, celebrate in style with Feral Cat Mafia* gear!

Among the many items available from the Vox Felina shop are hoodies and long-sleeve t-shirts, perfect for fall! Better hurry if you want them in time for the big day, though, as expedited shipping is not available.

*Curious what prompted this idea? Check out my March 14, 2013 blog post.