Sarah Donner Concert Benefits Staten Island Feral Initiative

Ordinarily, this is the sort of thing I would post on the Vox Felina Facebook page rather than the blog itself. But, since (even a week later) Superstorm Sandy has many pet owners and colony caretakers in New York and New Jersey doing all kinds of things they don’t ordinarily do, I could hardly say no.

Sarah Donner, who describes herself as “a singer/songwriter/creative type who likes cats, 90s mixtapes, musicals, and sequins,” is putting on a special online “pay-what-you-can” concert this Thursday night to raise money for Staten Island Feral Initiative. The 30-minute show begins at 5:00 pm (MST).

To buy a ticket and “tip the artist” (the tips are what will be donated to SIFI), visit the Stageit website. For more information about SIFI’s disaster relief effort, and to make donations directly, please visit the Survivors of Sandy ChipIn! page.

I had the pleasure of meeting some of the folks from SIFI at the No Kill Conference in August—these are good people doing good work. If you can help them out, please do so. And even if you can’t, please help spread the word.

Thank you.