South Jersey Feral Cat Relocation Project

South Jersey Feral Cats

Save the Animals Foundation, Inc. and the Animal Protection League of New Jersey—working closely with other cat rescue and wildlife groups—are relocating a colony of feral cats from their current South Jersey location to nearby farms, horse stables, wineries, and the like. (Both STAF and APLNJ support TNR as the most effective means to reduce the feral cat population, and use relocation only in very rare circumstances.)

These cats are currently being cared for by a community of fisherman and their families, but their proximity to a wildlife preserve requires that we move the cats onto private property. And soon! The preserve is home to several species of birds threatened or endangered in New Jersey, and the breeding/nesting season is almost here! Any cats not relocated in time (the exact deadline remains unknown) will be trapped and put down.

Most of the cats are already sterilized and vaccinated, and have had a general health check—but there are a few “hold-outs” still to be trapped. (ALL cats will be sterilized, vaccinated, and given a clean bill of health prior to relocation.)

Anticipated expenses include:

  • Any necessary spay/neutering and vaccinations
  • Fencing and other materials for enclosures
  • Special cat fencing (e.g., Cat Fence-In, Purrfect Fence, etc.)
  • Food

How You Can Help
We are searching for anyone in the area (southern NJ, eastern PA, northern DE, and northeastern MD) who’s able to provide a “home” (e.g., yard, stable, barn, etc.) for some of these cats.

Tax-deductable donations can be made via FirstGiving. All donations are greatly appreciated!

NOTE: Any funds raised in excess of our goal will be used for future TNR efforts in the area.

Not in a position to make a donation at the moment? No problem—you can still help by sharing with your network of friends, family, co-workers, etc. Sharing via Facebook and Twitter is especially easy: just use the buttons under the “Donate” button on the FirstGiving page.

Thank you for your interest in these cats, and for your generosity.