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2012 Year In Review

Inspired by Nicholas Felton’s stunning Feltron Annual Reports, a brief overview of 2012…


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Just in time for the 2012 No Kill Conference in Washington, DC this weekend, you can now follow Vox Felina on Twitter!
(It may take me a while to get the hang of Twitter’s 140-character limit—a radical departure for somebody accustomed to blog posts that can run 2,500 words or more. Please be patient.)


If You Build It, They Will Come

…though I am certainly in the “pro-cat” camp, I am not at all “anti-wildlife.” I’m far more interested in finding common ground than I am in further polarizing the parties involved. That said, I will not stand idly by while opponents of feral/free-roaming cats—and TNR in particular—mishandle, misconstrue, and misrepresent the research for PR purposes.
…effective [...]