Now Available—Feral Cat Mafia T-shirts!

After three blog posts and several comments to online news stories, I thought it was time for a lighter response to the absurdity of recent events. And so, inspired by the comments of the dismissed-then-reinstated editor-at-large for Audubon magazine, Ted Williams, made in the immediate aftermath of his inflammatory Orlando Sentinel op-ed, I’m pleased to introduce* a line of Feral Cat Mafia products.

In addition to t-shirts ($22 each, available only in dark colors for now), there are hoodies, tote bags, and art prints available. Other items will be added shortly.

All proceeds will be donated to FixNation, one of the country’s most highly regarded TNR/low-cost spay/neuter clinics (upon whose board I proudly serve).

* With much help from two colleagues, whose design and technical skills proved invaluable.


Vox Felina