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A Tale of Two Cities

A Gray Catbird in Madison, Wisconsin, USA. Photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons and John Benson.
According to its website, the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center is a “national and international leader in the biology and conservation of migratory birds.” When it comes to cats and their potential impact on birds, however, the SMBC apparently has a lot to [...]


Inside Job II

Another study demonstrates that the majority of pet cats spend their time indoors.
In my previous post on the subject, I somehow overlooked Linda Lord’s paper, “Attitudes toward and perceptions of free-roaming cats among individuals living in Ohio.” [1] In it, Lord, Assistant Professor in Ohio State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine, presents the results of [...]


National Feral Cat Day

In honor of National Feral Cat Day, two very appropriate quotes:

A feral animal, having once been domesticated, is not the same as a wild animal. A wild animal may become tamed—indeed, many infant mammals can be tamed—but the ancestors of a feral animal have already been tamed, through the process we know as domestication.—Ellen Perry [...]


Garden Tool

The timing was uncanny. Four days after my post “Inside Job,” Washington Post columnist Adrian Higgins reported incorrectly that two-thirds of pet cats are allowed outdoors. Higgins doesn’t mention where he got that figure, but considering the sources he used for the piece—including the American Bird Conservancy (ABC), The Wildlife Society, and Dauphiné and Cooper’s [...]